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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aid for Spiders

With wistful thoughts of fall crossing my mind. I have no idea why it just is. I just had to share one of my favorite artists. Her name is Nina Katchadourian. She did a series of work a little while ago where she mended spider webs, and photographed the results. Ponder the effort and patience you have to have to tackle such and undertaking. I have also found a kit if you want to follow in her footsteps. BRILLIANT!


  1. That's totally awesome and amazing... Wow. Makes me feel good about the state of the world.

  2. How beautiful and inspiring! I'd like to see the spider's reaction to the mending! I wonder if it confuses them?

  3. I have had webs fall apart in my hands. It seems an impossible task! What a beautiful idea! These little insect eaters need all the help we can give them...I just don't want them wandering thru my house!