Hi everyone! I am EJP of EJPcreations. The items I make utilize design elements from a bygone time, to create modern, urban body ornaments. I am a mad scientist of a woman specializing in creating tiaras, necklaces, and fascinators, with a noir, and gothic flair. All adornments have a hint of vampire elegance, a dash of Steampunk bravado, and plenty of Neo-Victorian sensibilities. Here is my little blog to showcase some of my creations, the things that inspire me, as well as a scrapbook of curiosities that I have picked up in my wanderings across the web. ~ Please Enjoy …

Links I Love...

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Velvetmechanism - Steampunk accessories
SweetHayseed - Awe inspiring wigs
AtelierKanawa - Kanshashi from Japan
Exoskeletoncabaret - Steampunk wear, blue stockings
Pokerladies - Beautiful bustles
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PetalMix - Japanese Flower Kansashi for hair
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kukubee - Anime-esk accessories
AntisepticFashion- Great hip bags leather, also corsets

Art + Functional Art
Kristahuot - Artist focusing on fairytale
CarmelaJay - Dia de los muertos art and decor
diarmentcreations - Steampunk creations made with paper (the best patina ever)
Weta Rayguns - Steampunk guns and accessories
Meowza - Anime-esk Art
Danitashop - Art mostly featuring a sweet little girl
Marystreacle - artwork mostly octopus's quasi low-bow
Sefora - drawings of sweet little girls
Marysgranddaughter - Embrodary art (french bulldog )
Mirabel- Kokishi paintings
SharonMontrose - art photography, minalistic with animals
ErinTyner - art photography, minatures
Poodlebreath - Ceramic art
UnderTheStairStudios - Paper art circus and carosels
IsabellasArt - Paper cut shiloutte art
Melissamoss - Tiny little alien art
johntunger - Metal work firepits
ettadiem- Steampunk art
SirMitchell - Great steampunk/anime digital art
pinkytoast- anime/low brow artwork
marykaterockz - Tattoo artwork
Grand Ole Bestiary- old time photographicswith animals inserted into the pictures
Dongedy frame- Minature photography

Bath and Body
Haus of Gloi- old blog: http://gloisoap.blogspot.com/

Bones and the Like
Bone Clones -  replicas of animal bones

Louiseblack - 1920's modern-fashion
Ureshii - My favorite clothing designer
Ahpeele - Japanese styled tee-shirts
Heavy Red - Pretty Pretty Gothic clothing
Blacklotusclothing - Noir/Gothic clothing
Malphi- Easy wrap around clothing with pretty ruffles, bloomers!
Kambriel- Really pretty gothic wear
Gallery Serpentine- Amazing corsets adn clothes!
Victorian Gothic- As the name implies victorian gothic clothing really good recreations
Trashy Diva- 1940's and 50's clothes soooo cute!

Skeletaldropkick - Skeleton Ceramics
Whitneysmith - ceramics, little bird
Spindesigns - Amazing black styalized mobiles
timtierney - Bonsai
TortoiseLovesDonkey - Tiny Terriums
vintagefromjapan - Vintage Japanese Shop
prettyrandomobjects - Anime like ceramics

pumpkinhollow - The most amazing NBC- like pumkins
Black Bird Folk Art- Halloween folk art decor

Ravenevejewelry - Urban 1920's-modern jewelry
MadArtjewelry - Steampunk assemblage metalsmith
BellaLili - Goth-Urban jewelry
FoxAndClover - Lace under glass necklaces
Wickedminky - Tattoo inspired jewelry
Irregularexpressions - Elegant Crocheted jewelry
tinctory - Fabric smocked jewelry ( her dye jobs are amazing)
TheTinyTiara - Tiny diarama jewery under glass
HeliS - cute stuffed animal head jewelry
noadi - All things cephlopod mostly jewelry

Halloween Inspiration
Pumpkinrot- All kinds of magical Halloween spookiness

Victoriavelvet - Showgirl corsets burlesque costumes
darkladieswear - 1950's garters
damselinthisdress - Corst maker a little on the refair side
Espalore - Corsets and such made by a Ballerina costumer

BeanTownHandmade - Dog fashions

Vella - Up scale backpacks

fluevog - A hint of Steampunk
Remix Vintage Shoes - Remade vintage shoes 1930's through 1950's
Hydra Heart - Cute little vegan flats

Franticmeerkat - Makes the funniest vintage-modern cards
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Crankbunny - Amazing pop up cards and paper art
TimelessPaper - Unique place card's and paper products
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Happy Hound- pretty old world etching cards, really good whippet ones

Hirstarts.com- Great mold making tutorial

Atlas Obscura- Odd and curious destinations all over the world

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