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Friday, September 24, 2010

Victorian Halloween Terror-iums- Re-blog from DIY Craft

This post is a re-blog from Diy Craft . I just love this idea so so much, and exactly what I was looking for, for my next project.

Large glass terrariums were a part of many Victorian homes. The glass around the plants allowed them to flourish even in cold fall and winter months, and they were quite the curiosity when they first became popular. Brilliant San Francisco-based floral design company Studio Choo created aptly-named terror-iums for popular blog Design Sponge.

This spooky version of the terrarium is perfect decor for a Victorian Gothic Halloween party since it imparts that subtly eerie vibe youll want to achieve. Plus, you have the option of keeping your terrarium after the party, replanting the plants outside, or giving away the terrariums to party guests as prizes or favors, depending on how many you create.

We suggest taking this idea and simplifying it by choosing locally available plants that can be repotted in your yard, since the carnivorous plants they used require special environments and treatment to continue growing.

Heres our take on the terror-ium:

large glass cloches or round bowls
easy to care for plants - mini ferns, grasses and mosses
Victorian-era embellishments like old lockets

Step 1: Purchase a mix of large glass cloches and round bowls to use for housing and displaying the plants.

Step 2: Visit a local nursery or greenhouse and ask which kind of easy to care for plants will survive well in a terrarium, and can be replanted outdoors in the spring.

Step 3: Purchase a mix of interesting looking plants for the terrariums, including mini ferns, grasses, and any unique mosses.

Step 4: Be creative in building your terrariums, and finish off the look with gray or black reindeer moss (can be purchased at Save-On-Crafts.com) over the dirt. For the Halloween party, add in extra Victorian-era touches like old faux lockets, ajar pocket watches, and cleaned chicken bones (be sure to boil the cleaned bones for a long time to avoid any rotting or smell).

*photo credit to Studio Choo via Design Sponge

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