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Friday, October 8, 2010

Sarah Perry

The other day I had the great fortune to run across the artwork of Sarah Perry. The piece that stopped me dead in my tracks is this amazing sculpture she constructed out of animal bones called "Pull of the Moon". The shear scale, and craftsmanship involved in stating such an undertaking would be daunting to say the least, but her story of how she came upon the idea is even more charming...

"Pull of the Moon came about while hiking in the mountains of California. I stopped on the path, struck by all of the life around me: Trees, scrub jays, lichens, ground squirrels and airplanes. All of the billions of lives that have gone before evolving from the deep past into this dazzling diversity. Then there came the image of a spiral staircase (DNA-like) made from thousands of minute bones ascending ethereally, carrying our forgotten histories... Sculpture, for me, is how I communicate my subtlest emotions and deepest beliefs succinctly. It can be frightening as an uncensored dream, humorous, or touch on the unknown and unknowable. At its best, it can reflect the human capacity for awe."( From Sarah Perry's artist statement)

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