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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gene Tierney

The most beautiful woman in the whole world and the actress in two of my most favorite movies on the planet "Leave her to Heaven" and " The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,Mrs. Gene Tierney. " With prominent cheekbones and the most appealing overbite of her day, her striking good looks helped propel her to stardom. Her best known role is the enigmatic murder victim in Laura (1944). She was also Oscar-nominated for Leave Her to Heaven (1945). Her acting performances were few in the 1950s as she battled a troubled emotional life that included hospitalization and shock treatment for depression." (From: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000074/bio )


  1. She is the most beautiful and always looking a bit sad. My favorites are "Laura" and "Mrs. Muir". I read a very sad story about her child. When she was touring and pregnant, she encountered a fan with German measles. She contracted the measles at a critical point in her pregnancy and her child was born with severe developmental problems. In later years, Ms. Tierney encountered this fan again and the woman gushed about how she left her "sick bed" to meet Ms. Tierney. At that moment, Gene realized the connection! This was the turning point for her child! This could certainly contribute to her depression.

  2. So sad isn't it. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie movies. So of course I have seen "The Mirror Crack'd". But I had no idea till years later that the hole movie was based on the story you just described. She worked with Gene to get the dialogue just right at the point of realization with the fan. So very sad.