Hi everyone! I am EJP of EJPcreations. The items I make utilize design elements from a bygone time, to create modern, urban body ornaments. I am a mad scientist of a woman specializing in creating tiaras, necklaces, and fascinators, with a noir, and gothic flair. All adornments have a hint of vampire elegance, a dash of Steampunk bravado, and plenty of Neo-Victorian sensibilities. Here is my little blog to showcase some of my creations, the things that inspire me, as well as a scrapbook of curiosities that I have picked up in my wanderings across the web. ~ Please Enjoy …

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cthulhu Found!

"In 1997, the United States Navy detected a mysterious sound deep in the Pacific Ocean. Underwater microphones originally intended to detect Soviet submarines during the Cold War recorded a very low, loud, repeating sound somewhere near S 50°, W 100°. When you digitally speed up the sound (which, when unaltered, lasts longer than a minute), it sounds like "bloop." The noise is similar to a whale's song, but biologists point out it would take a whale larger than any known to man to make a noise like the Bloop. Some Lovecraft fans suggest the noise comes from Cthulhu, possibly as he snores deep within the walls of R'lyeh. " ( From: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com /arts/literature/cthulhu2.htm)

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