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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Hair Falls

My LIFE has been such a whirlwind lately. Several custom orders, my Mom is moving so I’ve been helping her through that, and my accounting finals are coming up. I have always had a job as a bookkeeper to supplement my web store. I know, I know you never would have pegged the artsy girl as the bookkeeping type. Well never would I. I sort of fell into the position a long time ago, and found that my neurotic mix of OCD, and penchant for meticulously scrutinizing everything makes me perfect for the position. Actually most days people treat me like I’m doing magic tricks with approprate ooooh’s and aaaaah’s, and then they buy me lunch. Quietly set it on the corner of my desk and back away in reverence so as not to disturb me. Ok it’s not that dramatic, but lunch does appear on my desk randomly. Cookies use to as well, but that doesn’t happen much anymore and it makes me sad. Ok as you can tell I have a lot of time for my mind to wonder at work. I am constantly busy, but it is mostly tedious routine so my brain is free to roam at will. In addition, it gives my brain a rest from the creative grind so I don’t get burned out. Putting me outside that realm for just enough time during the day so that I am refreshed when I get back to my workbench in the afternoon.. Actually, I doubt I would have had the confidence to open my web store without this job. But that is a story for another time.

Anyway…. back to the point I was trying to make. So at the beginning of this year I didn’t think my life was full enough with running my on-line business, taking care of my MOM, and helping her move so I thought I would start getting a degree in Accounting. I just seem to LOVE piling the work on myself. I already have a degree in Art, Anthropology, Visual Presentation, and was two classes shy of a minor in Japanese and Fencing, but those don’t really help if I needed to find another bookkeeping job. Though I’ve been working in the field for sometime now I just hate that confused look that comes over human resources people’s faces when they look over my resume. So back to school I go. I have to tell you, as you might suspect, I LOATH accounting courses. I dearly love doing the work as a job, but it is a COMPLETELY different thing to sit in a class and mesmerize the principals behind the systems. Finals are this week so I am planning out my summer, to be used to the fullest till I go back to school in the fall. It all starts this weekend. I’m going to cat sit for my sister, and when I do that I usually don’t bring any of my normal art or jewelry projects with me. I usually pick up a project I have long since pushed aside and work on that. I find that if I completely remove myself from what medium I normally work in it replenishes my creativity and kick-starts my motivation. So this weekend I’m going to try my had at making hair falls again. A dear, dear friend taught me how to make them many years ago, but my hands never took to it. It’s an arduous process that takes a ton of time and determination. But I have all the supplies to make just the ones I want so I’ve got to give it one more try. So here is a little look book of all that styles of hair falls that inspires me on my quest for really long awesomely edgy hair. I will keep you updated to my progress.

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